Young mother bravely called out the men who harassed her inside a mall

Fear is a powerful emotion that has the ability to paralyze its victims with inaction. This specific response, or lack thereof, is mostly exhibited by the unfortunate victims of sexual harassment. But in the case of this young mother, there was absolutely no way that she was going to allow the four, perverted strangers get away with their vile remarks.

On March 11, Melanie (named changed for confidentiality) was going to a nearby shopping mall to run some errands. She was forced to bring her 10-month-old daughter to the mall because there was no one else at home.

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The young mother soon felt exhaustion creeping up so they sat down on one of the tables by the food kiosks. It was there that Melanie encountered four, rude men who sat down at the table in front of her. She noticed that this suspicious group was looking at her but despite the growing discomfort, Melanie shrugged it off. Maybe they were admiring how adorable her daughter is?

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But her nagging suspicions were confirmed when Melanie heard them voice out their disgusting desires. These four strangers blatantly spoke about how much they wanted to plant their seed inside her while one said that he was just going to wait for Melanie’s daughter to grow up.

“Kahit may anak na yan, aanakan ko pa din yan”

“Pag ako tumira dyan, labas lahat ng kinain nyan”

“Wasak yan sakin”

“Hintayin ko nalang lumaki yung anak”

Enraged at what she heard, Melanie called them out in public. But unfortunately, instead of feeling ashamed, the p*rverts just smiled and laughed, saying that it was all a joke. Melanie ended her Facebook post about the incident with scathing words for these men.

“Isa kayo sa mga pinakasalaulang taong naencounter ko. Asal kalye. Damit kalye. Ugaling kalye. Matapos ko kayong i-call out p*t* tatawanan nyo ko sasabihin nyo joke lang. K*nt*tin ko kaya mga nanay nyo tapos sabihin ko joke lang? G*g*.”

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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Can you believe that there are men capable of harassing other people this way? What would you have done if you heard strangers talking like this about you or another woman? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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