Woman’s mirror selfie went viral after people noticed how messy her room is

Taking a selfie is a great way to share snippets of your daily life to others, but we should always practice caution when it comes to posting them online. This woman’s mirror selfie backfired horribly after people noticed something in her background.

Dressed in a sexy black outfit, the woman named Alyssa decided to share her mirror selfie on Twitter. Just a few moments after posting, her selfie immediately went viral not because of her dolled-up look, but because of a keen observation in her photo.

Photo Credit: dailymail

We’re not talking about an ominous apparition or a subtle hint, but a glaring observation that surely wouldn’t miss your eye! Since the mirror is in full length, it gave an excellent view not only of the woman, but also of her background.

The woman’s pretty looks faded next to the pile of rubbish strewn all over her messy room! Her makeup brushes were carelessly placed on the floor while her used clothes looked like mounds of garbage scattered all over the room.

Photo Credit: dailymail

If you look closely, you will also see leftover food and drinks that were carelessly tossed on the floor. One netizen even noticed a small mouse hiding under a pile of clothes.

People were wondering if the woman posted the mirror selfie despite her messy background, or if she’s just really indifferent with her room. Nevertheless, many people claimed that her messy room is a reflection of her personality as well.

Photo Credit: dailymail

So the next time you’re planning to post a selfie on social media, take a few moments to contemplate how others will perceive your photo or you might just end up like this unfortunate woman.

Photo Credit: dailymail

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Source: Dailymail

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