Partygoer’s viral selfie video catches a man spiking something in her drink

Do you like going to festivals, clubs, parties or any occasion that widely serves alcoholic drinks? If you’re a self-professed partygoer, then you might want to read this article and be aware of the perils these events may bring to you.

Recently, a partygoer ’s video went viral after it featured something frightening at a festival. The selfie video was taken by Kristal Santos while she was having fun partying in Espcarpas do Lago, Brazil.

Phorto Credit: thesun
Phorto Credit: thesun

In the video, you can see Kristal holding a cup and a lollipop, while her friend was posing and smiling toward the camera. Halfway through the video showed only Kristal who was grooving to the music. Afterwards, a man in sunglasses and a black shirt suddenly appeared out of nowhere and sneakily spiked something inside Kristal’s glass. Apparently, Kristal did not notice the sly act of the stranger while she was taking the video.

Phorto Credit: thesun
Phorto Credit: thesun

Netizens quickly grew worried about Kristal, for she could have fallen into the stranger’s trap. Fortunately, she was saved from being roofied that day. She took to Instagram to assure everyone that she’s well and safe.

“Once again I will explain here to those who are still worried… I did not drink anything from that cup because it was at the end of the party and the glass was already empty.”

She’s glad that her video became a reminder to those who love to party to always keep safe.

“Nothing happened to me. Yes I’m glad the video is resonating in a positive way, as an alert for everyone to take more care of their glasses, including me.”

Phorto Credit: thesun
Phorto Credit: thesun

Jaeda Sky, a musician who also turned out to be Kristal’s friend, also shared the video on her Twitter, wherein it received a massive amount of over 200,000 shares and likes.

She wrote:

“Ladies watch your drinks! I’ll never understand how a dude can… feel the need to be such a disgusting predator.”

May Kristal’s experience prompt us to be more vigilant whenever we’re at outdoor parties, festivals, and the like.

What are your thoughts about Kristal Santos’ story? Have you ever heard a same story like this? Don’t forget to drop your thoughts in the comments section below!

Source: Thesun

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